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Join the Quant Revolution

Algorithmic Trading is changing at an incredibly fast pace. We use cutting-edge open-source technology to research, backtest and trade.



Live Trading

From Idea…

We use the QuantConnect Algorithm Framework to code our strategies. This design framework follows the separation of concerns principle, allowing us to structure a trading system into five different modules: Universe, Alpha, Portfolio, Execution, and Risk.

…To Results

The QuantConnect backtesting engine provides you with all the free data you need to test your ideas. Analyze your results visually, study the stats of your strategy and inspect the history of your trades – all in one place!

About InnoQuantivity

InnoQuantivity is a small team of Quantitative Analysts and Traders, passionate about the intersection of finance, technology, and data. Our goal is to help make Algorithmic Trading more accessible, sharing our experience using industry-standard open-source technology to research, backtest and live trade a wide variety of strategies.


We offer bespoke solutions to algorithmic trading using the QuantConnect platform and its powerful open-source software LEAN, across multiple asset classes (equities, futures, options, forex, crypto) and frequencies (from tick data to any possible custom resolutions).

You come to us with a strategy and we will implement it in Python and the QuantConnect Algorithm Framework, ready for backtesting and live trading.

Simple as that.


Research and backtesting are both crucial parts of the design process of any trading strategy, but taking your system to the Live stage is really what it’s all about!

The QuantConnect platform allows you to seamlessly move between the development and production environments with minimal or no changes in the code. However, that is just the beginning of your live trading journey as monitoring and reconciling the out-of-sample results of your algorithms should then become a regular task.

We can help you deploy and take care of your live strategies via your QuantConnect Organization account.

Algo Catalog

Check out our collection of free algorithms ready for backtesting on QuantConnect. In the algo detail page you will find a QuantConnect widget with charts and results from a backtest, as well as the Python code. You can simply click on the 'Clone Algorithm' button to make a copy of this project in your QuantConnect account!