About Us

Let's be honest, Financial Trading is hard. In fact, achieving consistent profitability in the financial markets is one of the hardest endeavours.

Almost all trading strategies (except perhaps for arbitrage and the likes) involve some sort of prediction about future prices using past and present data. The highly random nature of these prices, together with the ever-changing market conditions, make trading, once again, very difficult.

OK, we get it. It's hard. But you still love it, don't you? And that's hopefully why you're here. Because, in the end, the same elements that make trading challenging are the ones that make it worthwhile. Also, it's just great fun!

InnoQuantivity is a small team of Quantitative Analysts and Traders, passionate about the intersection of finance, technology and data. Our goal is to help make Algorithmic Trading more accessible, sharing our experience using cutting-edge open-source technology to research, backtest and analyse a wide variety of trading strategies.